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LinkedIn Hidden Features: Job Seekers Check These Out!

Super Cool Hidden LinkedIn Features This is so exciting! With all the new and trendy LinkedIn features taking place it is hard to keep pace! Lets look at these 6 cool and hidden features you too may have missed.  Giving a shout-out. This is a really cool yet simple way to grab someone’s attention when commenting on or sharing a status update. Just type an “@” sign before including an individuals name or even a business name in an update. Once you select their name they will be directly hyperlinked to your update! Not only that but LinkedIn will also send them a message notifying them that they were mentioned in your update  Will I benefit from this group? Did...
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age discrimination

Reverse Age Discrimination-Is it happening in your Florida business?

When you think about age discrimination what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For many employers, age discrimination occurs when an older worker is refused employment, fired, or treated unfairly because of his older age. And in the eyes of the federal government, this is basically the case. The federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act, or ADEA, is a law that is designed to protect against the discrimination of any employee, age 40 or above, in regards to compensation, conditions or terms of employment, and privileges because of the employee's age. The law offers no protection, however, to individuals under the age of 40. Those in this age group aren't allowed to file claims under the ADEA...
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