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A Bold New Way to Think About Performance Reviews

Let’s face it. There’s nothing good about today’s performance reviews. Employees hate them, employers hate delivering them, and they seldom provide an accurate appraisal of the work an employee is doing. In addition, they are often given on an annual basis, which means short-term temporary employees, even those you may consider for temp to hire positions, are typically not acknowledged. Worst of all, they allow full time and part time employees to develop bad habits that are only addressed on a yearly basis. On top of all of these negative aspects, the real problem that destroys the credibility of a performance review is their biased nature. Managers aren’t necessarily the best individuals to judge the work of an employee. They...
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temporary Orlando jobs

Bridge the Male/Female Employee Gap: Encouraging Confidence in Women

For years, women in the workforce have kept their heads down, done the hard work, and played by the rules. We were sure that our natural talents wouldn’t go unnoticed, and we’d soon be earning just as much as the men of our stations did. While there’s definitely been progress on that front, there are still areas where we seem to be lacking when it comes to permanent or temporary Orlando jobs. It isn’t our competence. It isn’t our skills. Yet we still watch the men around us get promoted fast and earn higher wages. So what exactly is the problem? Our confidence. Many of us don’t like to step up and do what needs done until we are 100%...
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