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5 Ways to Secure Your Business from Hackers

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Secure Your Business from HackersAre you at risk?

Have you heard about cyber-security attacks, such as WannaCry ransom-ware or that WikiLeaks published data allegedly stolen from the CIA? How about the recent data breach with Equifax? You may think these types of attacks will never happen to your company. In fact, 69% of companies are unaware of the true risk of being hacked. However, no business is truly safe.

Do you think only large corporations are at risk for being hacked? Believe it or not, smaller companies are actually more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. In fact, 43% of hackers target small businesses.

As one of the top staffing agencies in Florida (we are also a small organization!), we share our advice with you on how to secure your business from hackers. Hope you find this information helpful!

  1. Provide Training

45% of businesses do not formally train their employees on cyber-crime protection, which makes them susceptible to attack. One of the best ways to secure your business from hackers is to provide your employees with training. It is wise to come up with an incident response plan as well, just in case the unthinkable happens.

Take some time to discuss with your employees what is deemed okay and not okay to do on the internet. Employees often grant access to third party apps (i.e. those fun quizzes on Facebook) that may not be secure. Make sure your staff knows how to identify a phishing attack, which is the attempt to obtain sensitive information by disguising themselves as a trustworthy entity in electronic communication.

Unfortunately, you also need to be wary of your own employees and make sure there is something in place to prevent them from gaining access to compromising data.

  1. Update Security

In order to keep security up to date, experts recommend changing login information monthly, as 80% of cyber-attacks involve weak passwords. Make sure usernames and passwords are secure, contain random symbols, and both capital and lowercase letters. Regularly backup your data and stay informed. Trusted antivirus software is also necessary to keep classified information safe; for example social security numbers, financial information, and IDs.

  1. Protect Your Network

Computer and network protection is extremely important when you want to secure your business from hackers. Be choosy about your internet provider, as not all providers are created equal. Be sure to install a firewall to filter unwanted traffic and give yourself peace of mind. Allow administrative access to limited people, enable audits to track user actions, and limit file uploads.

  1. Know the Risks

It is vital to know the risks of a cyber-security attack. Your website could be hacked, usually by a bot guessing your password over and over. Bots could add code to your website’s script, which compromises your data and your users’ information as well. Do not click on links or open emails that look remotely suspicious. Delete potential threats and then empty the deleted folder. Be careful with USB drives or zipped files that could contain viruses.

  1. Have a Plan If You Are Hacked

Even though you took the necessary steps to secure your business from hackers, successful attacks do occur. That is why an incident response plan is needed. Make sure the incident is reported in a timely fashion to all those affected. Then, file a claim with your state attorney general’s office. Implement damage control and possibly use a backup network.


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