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Are All Employees Replaceable?

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Employees Replaceable

What is the true value of an employee?

We are sure you’ve heard the claim that all employees are replaceable. It is our understanding, that while certainly no one is indispensable, no one can ever truly be replaced.

As one of the best staffing agencies in Florida, we have worked with plenty of managers who do not necessarily share this way of thinking. Sometimes employers are simply looking for a body to fill a position. In this blog, we go over some of the myths that many business leaders have embraced when it comes to replacing employees. Take a look!

Myth #1 – Anyone Can Be Taught to Do a Job

Employees need to be replaced for any number of reasons – promotions, moves, new opportunities, family situations, and the like. Many managers believe if Sam can make sales calls and interact with customers then Sally can also. Two employees may have the same background and experience; though, naturally, they are two completely different individuals. They have dissimilar personalities, attitudes, and ways of handling business. A new employee might approach things differently, maybe even more efficiently, but they will never be exactly like your former employee. You simply cannot replace someone’s unique values, morals, or disposition.

Myth # 2 – Clients Will Be Okay Working With Anyone

Some companies believe their clients will be happy to work with anyone as long as they are competent. However, doing business with someone you like can be akin to finding a hairstylist or doctor with whom you feel the most comfortable. They understand you. They know your history and, most importantly, you trust them. Sure a new employee may be fully capable of providing the service required, but it’s never quite the same.

Myth # 3 – Losing One Employee Will Not Impact the Company as a Whole

It’s hard to imagine that losing just one employee could affect an entire company, but it’s possible. An organization’s reputation comes from its people, as well as the type of service provided. If one employee leaves, of course the company can still function, but what about customer relationships that were built over time? What about their relationships with fellow coworkers? What about the way they work proficiently as a team? While these things can absolutely be rebuilt, they will never be identical.

If character and customer service are not a priority to your company when it comes to replacing employees then you may as well automate the process. However, be aware that your company will lose its personal feel and as a result customers may decide to do business elsewhere. Never underestimate the true value of human interaction.


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