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Advice for Job Seekers

Our Recruiter’s Advice for Job Seekers

Dear Job Seekers, Here is some great advice. Sincerely, HH Staffing Services For this blog we compiled advice for job seekers straight from our recruiting team. We each thought of one piece of guidance that we would give to candidates and have come up with a comprehensive list. Though these are not necessarily novel ideas, we do think these insights...
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Light Industrial Jobs

Staffing for Light Industrial Jobs – How We Do It

Why is it difficult to find Light Industrial talent? When it comes to staffing for Light Industrial jobs in Florida, we face a number of challenges. How do we do it and how can we better assist both employers and candidates? Read here to learn more about our method. Addressing the Challenges One of the biggest challenges in staffing for...
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Accounting & Finance Talent in Florida

Finding Accounting & Finance Talent in Florida

How do we do it better? In this blog, we go over why it is so difficult to find accounting and finance talent in Florida. We will discuss how we face these challenges head-on and provide solutions for our employers. Our approach is what sets us apart from other staffing agencies, and ultimately leads to your company’s success. The Challenges...
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Humor in the Workplace

The Importance of Humor in the Workplace

Stressed at work? Laughter is the best medicine. It’s important to maintain a sense of professionalism at the office, but humor absolutely has its place in the business world. Quite simply, we would go crazy without the ability to laugh at ourselves. In this blog, we go over the importance of humor in the workplace. As long as it’s appropriate,...
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Stress at Work

Good Stress vs Bad Stress at Work

A little stress is good. A lot of stress is bad. Even if you are incredibly passionate about what you do, it is guaranteed that you will experience stress at some point in your career. You can love your job fiercely, but just as in life, stress is virtually unavoidable at work. Balance is the key to maintaining a healthy...
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Relax After Work in Sarasota, Florida

10 Free Ways to Relax After Work in Sarasota, Florida

              Things to do in Sarasota-aaaahhhhh…    1. Run The John Ringling Causeway Bridge Loop As we all know, running is a great way to de-stress and clear your head after the work day. Full distance is about 3.08 miles. You get a nice breeze and a beautiful view. 2. Yoga What better way...
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40 Hour Work Week

What’s Up with the 40 Hour Work Week?

Don’t we all work past the general 9-5? If you want to get ahead, as an employee, you are highly encouraged to work beyond the average 40 hour work week. Putting in extra time means you are paving the way for a successful future. It shows you have passion and that you care. Inevitably, we all end up taking a...
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Grammar Offenses in the Workplace

Grammar Offenses in the Workplace

There, their, they’re… it’s going to be alright! This blog was inspired by some repeat grammar offenses in the workplace that our recruiters have encountered with both job seekers and colleagues. We guarantee you have come across similar articles, but we encourage you to give this one a read. It never hurts to have a reminder. Please know that having...
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Employees Replaceable

Are All Employees Replaceable?

What is the true value of an employee? We are sure you’ve heard the claim that all employees are replaceable. It is our understanding, that while certainly no one is indispensable, no one can ever truly be replaced. As one of the best staffing agencies in Florida, we have worked with plenty of managers who do not necessarily share this...
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Friends at Work

Sharing Emotions With Co-Workers

Can you really be friends at work? Being friends with your co-workers has both its positives and negatives. On the plus side it can make work a more enjoyable place to be and you will feel more comfortable being yourself. On the other hand it can make work an unprofessional environment and some may assume you are playing favorites. Our...
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