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New Employees Feel Welcome

Make New Employees Feel Welcome – 6 Ways

As a top Florida staffing agency, we are experts at making new employees feel welcome. We often hear that our office has an incredibly warm and friendly vibe, so we must be doing something right. Making new employees feel welcome, also known as onboarding, is crucial to the employment process. According to the Allied Workforce Mobility Survey, 7 in 10...
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Shortage of Accounting Talent

Why is there a Shortage of Accounting Talent?

It doesn’t add up… Accounting degrees are more in demand in the workforce than ever. There are too many jobs and not enough accountants to fill them. The lack of skilled accountants has been an issue for the past few decades. Top talent in accounting is always at a premium, and we are feeling the hurt here in our staffing...
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Positive Outlook During Your Job Search

Keep a Positive Outlook During Your Job Search

Is your job search bringing you down? Feeling negative during your employment search can be detrimental. A positive attitude is ultimately what will land you your next job. It doesn’t matter if you have great typing skills, tons of experience, or many accreditations. If your attitude is adverse, you are not considered to be an attractive candidate. Here are a...
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Drained at the Office

Help! Feeling Drained at the Office

Don’t burn out; just take a time out. Feeling completely drained at work? Could you put your head down on your desk right now and take a nap? When it is 2:15pm and 5:00pm feels very far away, do you have zero motivation? People feel drained at work for a number of reasons. It is very common, and fortunately there...
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Instagram for Job Seeking

How to Use Instagram for Job Seeking

Have you tried looking for work on the "gram"? There are over 500 million active users on Instagram, however, very few people take advantage of this form of social media when seeking employment. Believe it or not, Instagram can be an excellent tool for finding a job. Think of it as another way to showcase your knowledge and abilities or...
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Not Unemployed, But Underemployed

Are you reaching your full potential at work? Since the economic downturn, more and more people are finding themselves underemployed. In fact, nearly half of American workers identify themselves as underemployed. Many people say their talents are undervalued, underappreciated, and underpaid by their employer or there is no room for growth at their current company. There is a lot of unnoticed...
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Confidence in the Workplace

5 Ways to Build Confidence in the Workplace

“There is no secret routine, there is no magical number of reps and sets. What there is, is confidence, belief, hard work on a consistent basis, and a desire to succeed.” – Unknown A study conducted by the researchers at Georgia State University found that 33% of high-achieving adults did not feel they deserved their success. How can that be?...
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Slow Work Day

5 Ways to Make a Slow Work Day Productive

Time flies when you’re busy! Every business goes through a lull at some time of the year. Perhaps you are experiencing one right now? Or about to enter one? Naturally time can seem to slow down considerably when things are less fast paced in the office. So, what do you do to make the time go by? Instead of watching...
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Stay Thankful

How to Stay Thankful in a Seemingly Thankless World

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” With all the chaos and tragedy in the world right now it can be very difficult to stay thankful. In fact, an estimated 8.3 million adults in America suffer from serious psychological distress, according to recent federal health data. The stress of the upcoming holidays certainly...
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Military Hiring

Military Hiring – 3 Ways We Support Veterans

Are you a veteran looking to rejoin the workforce? Veterans face many challenges when they return to civilian life. They are not only faced with the emotions that come with culture shock, but many suffer from psychological issues as well. These struggles prove especially challenging for those suffering Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Unfortunately, veterans...
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