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Seasonal Hiring

4 Ways to Prepare for Ho-Ho-Holiday Hiring!

‘Tis the season to be hiring… Do you think it’s too early to prepare for holiday hiring? Not when the stores are already selling red and green wrapping paper, candy canes, and decorations! There are people who have started putting up lights, too! Are you among the almost 90% of employers who plan on hiring this holiday season? Keep in...
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Handling Collections

7 Best Practices for Handling Collections

  The dreaded task of asking for your money… People are funny about money. Asking for payment can be fairly awkward and often uncomfortable. However, handling collections is a necessary evil in any business. Otherwise, how would you profit and pay your own bills? You simply must get paid for the services you provide. As one of Florida’s top employment...
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Rudeness in the Workplace

Is Rudeness in the Workplace on the Rise?

How Rude! It has been proven that stress from disrespect and bullying can cause a decrease in performance and cognitive abilities. In fact, many people quit their jobs due to an uncivil workplace. Some studies estimate the financial costs of bullying and rudeness in the workplace to be more than $200 billion per year. The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs...
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Phone Etiquette

Job Seekers: How is Your Phone Etiquette?

Ring, ring, ring… It’s for you! In a world of texting and email, phone etiquette has fallen by the wayside. Slang and casual conversation is okay with friends and family, but it doesn’t fly with employers or other professionals. If you want to be taken seriously you might want to examine your phone etiquette. As one of the best employment...
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Secure Your Business from Hackers

5 Ways to Secure Your Business from Hackers

Are you at risk? Have you heard about cyber-security attacks, such as WannaCry ransom-ware or that WikiLeaks published data allegedly stolen from the CIA? How about the recent data breach with Equifax? You may think these types of attacks will never happen to your company. In fact, 69% of companies are unaware of the true risk of being hacked. However, no...
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Hurricanes and the Workplace

Hurricanes and the Workplace

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best… In the aftermath of Harvey and Irma, naturally, hurricanes are in the forefront of our minds. They are unpredictable natural disasters that affect us physically and emotionally. As one of the best staffing agencies in Florida, which is a location particularly prone to hurricanes, we offer some things to consider when it...
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Work With Someone You Don’t Like

4 Ways to Work With Someone You Don’t Like

Can’t we all just get along? You cannot help when you do not like someone. Some people just get under your skin, and sometimes you can’t even pinpoint what exactly it is about this person that rubs you the wrong way. That is perfectly okay. On the other hand, you can control how you treat and interact with someone. Treating...
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Ghosted by a Recruiter

Have You Ever Been Ghosted by a Recruiter?

We are haunted by a bad reputation… We recently read a post on LinkedIn that resonated with us. It had to do with candidates who have been ghosted by a recruiter. The term ‘ghosting’ in this context refers to a recruiter who ignores a candidate and fails to provide any feedback. The post said, “No recruiter is too busy every...
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Work with a Staffing Agency

Employers: Why Work with a Staffing Agency?

  What can we do for you? The reality is—hiring is difficult! Weeding through resumes alone is a tedious process and can take quite a while. It takes precious time away from running a successful business. As one of Florida’s best employment agencies, our expert recruiters will be your eyes and ears scoping out the best job seekers in the...
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Mom Looking to Go Back to Work

Are You a Mom Looking to Go Back to Work?

  Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s BACK to work we go… Nearly a third of women in the workforce take a break in their career at some point, usually to start a family. It can be quite difficult to go back to work after a period of staying home with your children. The job seeking process can seem overwhelming, especially...
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