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Dealing With Work Depression

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 We all try to stay positive at the office, right?Work Depression

Anyone can be affected by depression— at any time, any age, and for any reason. Can one’s work environment have a significant effect on their well-being? The answer is yes—it’s called Work Depression.

It can be hard to pinpoint what is truly affecting your mental state. Is it the job or is it you?

Here are some insights from our expert recruiters. We hope you find them helpful!


Work Depression ranks among the top three workplace problems for the Employee Assistance Program, which we mentioned in a previous blog. This program is a great resource for those individuals who are going through a tough time personally or professionally.

Early identification is essential when it comes to work-depression, so you can come up with a plan on how to cope as quickly as possible. You don’t want things to get so out of hand that it becomes a full-blown mental breakdown, from which it is more difficult to recover.

Your job is important, but your well-being must always come before work. No exceptions.

There are simple adjustments you can make to improve your work environment. You could feng shui your desk, get an office-friendly plant, put a couple personal pictures up, or tape some positive mantras to the wall. You may want to work with your HR manager to come up with additional solutions related to your position.

We know it is not easy, especially when you are busy, but try to get outside at some point during your workday. Even if you just walk around the building, it is good to get some fresh air and get away from your desk for a while. You can also start a new workout routine at home, which can help tremendously.

It’s essential to continue to participate in as many of your regular daily activities as possible when you are depressed, even if you feel like crawling into your bed and never coming out. The satisfaction and security of work and socializing contributes greatly to self-esteem.

No one likes Mondays, but if you find yourself sick to your stomach and dreading work every Sunday night it may be time to look for a new job. And we will be right there to assist you!


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