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Seeking Property Management Talent

Seeking Property Management Talent in Florida

Hiring in Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando & Fort Lauderdale! As one of the best staffing agencies in Florida, we get lots of requests from our employers who are seeking property management talent. We are looking to staff properties in Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas. We have ongoing opportunities in all locations for Grounds Maintenance, Groundskeepers, Porters, Maintenance Technicians,...
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Office Gossip

Handling Office Gossip – 4 Ways

Are you talking about me? Gossip exists in virtually every office environment no matter the demographic or industry. It is human nature to be curious and social, but one must recognize when they are sharing too much or being unprofessional. When gossip occurs in the workplace it can be distracting, upset teamwork, and makes others feel left out. Oftentimes feelings...
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Let Employees Show Talent

Let Employees Show Talent: A Win–Win Situation

Are you looking to hire quality people for your company? Employers, we’re talking to you! Over our 30 years of experience as a top Florida staffing agency, we found that if you let employees show talent, they will excel in the workplace. Here are some things to consider when you’re hiring people for your company. This process requires going beyond the traditional...
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Better Listener

How to Be a Better Listener in the Workplace

Are you listening? Listening may be the most important aspect of effective communication. It’s a skill that is greatly valued in the workplace at every level of employment, and it’s difficult to learn. Due to our lack of listening skills, we only retain about 25% of what we hear, which means we’re missing a lot! We have one mouth and...
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Job Search Follow Up

Job Search Follow Up – It’s Mandatory!

Just checking in… No matter what stage of the job search process you are in, follow up is necessary. Don’t just sit back and wait. Instead, take matters into your own hands. It is important to take action, as it makes a good impression, and, of course, you are more likely to get an answer if you follow up. As...
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Employee Turnover

The Expense of Employee Turnover

How much will a bad hire cost your business? People don’t know how to directly measure the impact of employee retention or the cost of turnover, therefore they often get overlooked. Though it is hard to quantify employee turnover, it’s generally defined as the cost to hire a replacement employee and train that replacement. Hiring is a big investment and...
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Contract Work

Pros & Cons of Contract Work

Staffing agencies hire nearly 15 million temporary and contract workers every year. Usually a contract position, also known as a temporary job, lasts for a fixed period of time from around 3-6 months. Contract work is not to be confused with an independent contractor, who is self-employed. A contract employee works for a company, but is employed by a staffing...
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New Employees Feel Welcome

Make New Employees Feel Welcome – 6 Ways

As a top Florida staffing agency, we are experts at making new employees feel welcome. We often hear that our office has an incredibly warm and friendly vibe, so we must be doing something right. Making new employees feel welcome, also known as onboarding, is crucial to the employment process. According to the Allied Workforce Mobility Survey, 7 in 10...
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Shortage of Accounting Talent

Why is there a Shortage of Accounting Talent?

It doesn’t add up… Accounting degrees are more in demand in the workforce than ever. There are too many jobs and not enough accountants to fill them. The lack of skilled accountants has been an issue for the past few decades. Top talent in accounting is always at a premium, and we are feeling the hurt here in our staffing...
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Positive Outlook During Your Job Search

Keep a Positive Outlook During Your Job Search

Is your job search bringing you down? Feeling negative during your employment search can be detrimental. A positive attitude is ultimately what will land you your next job. It doesn’t matter if you have great typing skills, tons of experience, or many accreditations. If your attitude is adverse, you are not considered to be an attractive candidate. Here are a...
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