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Have You Ever Been Ghosted by a Recruiter?

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Ghosted by a Recruiter

We are haunted by a bad reputation…

We recently read a post on LinkedIn that resonated with us. It had to do with candidates who have been ghosted by a recruiter. The term ‘ghosting’ in this context refers to a recruiter who ignores a candidate and fails to provide any feedback. The post said, “No recruiter is too busy every single day that you can’t respond back to a candidate. Again, remember that you were once a candidate, but I think some of you have forgotten.” It received a lot of responses in agreement.

Regrettably, we admit that recruiters have a somewhat negative reputation. However, not all recruiters are alike.

As one of Florida’s best staffing agencies, our reputation is very important to us, as much of our business comes from word of mouth. The truth is, we are all busy and communication is a constant work in progress.

Per our previous blog, we pose the question… Should we get back to everyone who applies with us? Yes. However, we are human and we may not be able to get back to every single candidate. We do the best we can, and we encourage you to do the same.

Feedback & Follow Up

Following up with our candidates is a top priority for us and we strive to be good communicators. At any given time, we have 150+ people working for our clients and hundreds of applicants wanting to be placed. We do our best to get back to everyone in a timely manner, but there is always room for improvement.

Our staffing team tries to let candidates know if we are not going to be the best resource for them and provide them with referrals for other agencies. A simple response goes a long way.

No News is Not Good News

Unfortunately, in today’s society, it’s not that uncommon for employers to not contact their applicants after an interview.

As Fast Company says in their blog, people aren’t always stellar at saying “no.”

No one likes to be the bearer of bad news, especially when it comes to someone not getting a job. That being said, it is our practice to be upfront with our candidates. We don’t try to beat around the bush or avoid the uncomfortable conversation.

Professionalism & Respect

Our staff does our very best to be professional and respectful toward our candidates. We never want them to feel they have been ghosted by a recruiter. We work for both job seekers and employers and try to balance our time between them.

It is part of our job to coach the hiring managers of our clients on the importance of prompt feedback. However, we only have so much control over the process on their end. Honestly, we get ghosted by employers as well. It is often unintentional and we recognize that priorities shift and people get busy or sidetracked.

We Remember What It’s Like to be a Job Seeker

Every job, even our own, is not 100% secure. We understand that we could easily become job seekers again.

We do remember what it’s like to be a candidate, and for many of us, that is one of the reasons why we became recruiters. We want to pay it forward and help qualified job seekers find the work that they deserve.

We hope you will stay active as a part of our talent pool, even if we do not place you in the position for which you originally applied. New employment opportunities come in all the time and you could be a great fit for one of them.

For more information regarding our staffing agency, please visit the website. Another great way to connect with us is via social media, as we post daily on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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