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Florida Employees: Pay Them What They’re Worth!

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Pay Them What They’re Worth

What are you worth?

Most companies are going to try to hire candidates for the lowest salary possible. This has to do with controlling costs, tax expenditures, and the bottom line. However, when the job requires certifications, special skills or many years of experience, employees deserve to be paid accordingly. Pay them what they’re worth!

As a top Florida staffing agency, we have some insights on this topic. Here are somethings to consider when calculating an appropriate pay range for your employees.

Cost of Living

Companies take multiple factors into consideration when determining a salary. They look at the cost of living, industry standards, and some are likely to increase pay as the cost of living rises. Everything varies so much from state to state. Food and housing seem to be the largest variables. In Florida, the only law an employer must abide by is paying their staff minimum wage. Otherwise, the amount they pay is completely up to their discretion.

Skill Value

As LinkedIn contributor, Liz Ryan says, “Every company is different. Most organizations naturally tend to make use of the talents and gifts their employees bring with them, but if those gifts and talents aren’t spelled out in your job description then you’re probably not being paid for them, even after they become integral to your team’s success.”

You can check out Salary and Payscale to compare your organization’s pay level with the salary ranges of other people who do similar work and who live in the same location.

If your company gives out minuscule annual pay raises, but the market value of your employees’ talents are increasing more quickly, you are hurting them financially. They deserve to be paid for what they are worth.

Reduced Turnover

If your team is treated well and compensated fairly, they are more likely to stick around. Ideally, if a company is loyal to its employees then they will be loyal in return. Motivated and happy employees are more inclined to spend more time at the office. People want to work in a place that is secure and stable. No one likes to feel stuck in a position where there is no room to grow and prosper.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

Put the burden on us. Then it becomes a line item financially, which is easier to manage. Let your HR professionals focus on tasks internally rather than waste their time screening resumes. We have an extensive network and know what other companies are paying their employees, so we can assist you with salary negotiations.


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