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Employer Success Stories | HH Staffing Services

HH Staffing has so many employer success stories, we would love to share a few!

HH Staffing has highly-qualified candidates we have hired most of them full time at their 90+ days of service. It’s was a win win for both the candidate and my company.

Very professional and a pleasure to work with. Have come through with good people for some of the toughest assignments.

We are very impressed with the quick response time that HH Staffing gives us. HH Staffing has filled the orders quickly & efficiently. We are in constant use of temporary labor. Helping Hands has also sent us several temp employees that have worked out very well that we have decided to hire full-time. We have used other temp agencies but are most impressed with HH Staffing Services.

Your service allowed me to try several people at varying lengths of time, enabling me to hire just the right person. It also saved me the cost of running “help” ads, which have run $250 or more. Not to mention the time I saved by not interviewing. Also, the entire staff is extremely service oriented…very helpful and organized. One particular day, when one temp didn’t show, Helping Hands had her replacement within 30 minutes. I was very impressed.

I wanted to take just a moment of your time to express what an amazing help Julio has been to our property. The property I manage can be very difficult to keep staffed due to the size. I know that when I have staffing issues I can always count on Julio to send me the most qualified personnel!

We have used several other temp agencies in the past, but HH Staffing has been an absolute pleasure. We appreciate everything that you all as a company have done for us and especially appreciate the diligent commitment Julio has made to our property. Thank you so much for your time and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.


If you are looking for an temporary employment agency in Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota or Ft. Lauderdale give us a call today.  Our number is 941-751-6262. We are the leading professional staffing service and have been for years.

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