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All Florida Recruiters Are NOT Created Equal

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Recruiters Are NOT Created Equal

Don’t judge a staffing agency based on stereotypes.

Inspired by feedback from our previous blog, we want to communicate to you why all recruiters are not created equal. We often get stereotyped, but we are not all the same.

One of our readers said it best, “I’m pretty certain a “recruiter” in our century is what a “used car sales person” was in the previous one.” Unfortunately, this is so true. Recruiters do have a bad reputation.

Here are some common complaints from candidates with an explanation on how we do things differently. Hope you find this information enlightening.


Positions Are Fake

Many staffing agencies are accused of posting positions that do not exist. While this may be true for some organizations, that is not our practice. The bulk of our business is in a specific industry with clients who may have several needs at any given time. We receive calls for new jobs multiple times a week from employers. Therefore, it is necessary for us to have candidates who are already interviewed, processed, and ready to work. This is also explains why the job may already be filled by the time you contact us.

Job Descriptions Are Deceptive

Some job seekers say that staffing services misrepresent responsibilities and compensation in their job descriptions. A job description should not be taken word for word. Unlike your resume, the information in a job description is not factual, it is just a depiction. Positions and responsibilities are flexible and solely up to the client to determine. Clients are also entitled to alter salaries; either of these situations could easily happen if you apply on your own.

Employers Are Favored

In a recent study conducted by Bond International Software, 63% of job seekers believe that recruiters put the needs of the employer first. This is simply false. Essentially we have two clients- the employer and you, the job seeker. We do not favor one or the other. Some staffing agencies operate without the job seeker’s best interests in mind. They are more concerned about filling a job order with their client. Our company, on the other hand, does our very best to cater to both sides, equally. We listen to understand our candidate’s needs, interests, skills, limitations, and personality, so we can find them a fulfilling position.

We Are Sales People

Recruiters are often considered to be sales people. However, we consider ourselves to be matchmakers. Our agency markets our job seekers and determine which candidate is best suited for our clients based on a number of factors, not just the words on the resume. Of course we have to turn a profit, but our passion is helping people. We strive to serve both our job seekers and employers.

Don’t let one bad experience ruin your opinion of employment agencies. We can be an excellent resource. We know the right people and are very connected in the job market. For more information regarding our staffing services, please visit the website. Additionally, feel free to follow us on social media. We love connecting with our candidates on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Facebook. Happy Job Seeking!

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