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Florida Relocation: How Do You Find a Job?

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Florida Relocation

Afraid to make the move? It’s not impossible!

According to the DMV, almost 1,000 people move to Florida every day from all over the United States. Though many new residents are retirees, there are lots of young working age families who relocate as well.

Naturally, finding a job is one of the first things one thinks about when considering relocation. While it may be hard to ensure everything is lined up perfectly, it is certainly not inconceivable.

As one of the best staffing agencies in the state, we have some insights for you regarding Florida relocation. We hope you find this information helpful!

Recognize the Challenge

Relocation can be an unnerving process. You are taking a big leap and essentially putting yourself in the hands of fate. Unless your current company is willing to transfer you or provide you with a relocation package, it is very difficult to find a job before you move.

Most employers are unwilling to even consider hiring you before you are physically living in the area. This is because many people consider moving to Florida, especially Northerners in the winter, but things never end up coming to fruition.

We know that conventional wisdom tells you that you should never leave your job without having another one lined up, but sometimes you just have to take a risk, if you are able.

Get Things Organized

In preparation for your move, we recommend locating your IDs, such as your driver’s license, social security card, and passport. You will almost certainly need these documents to complete new employee paperwork.

Take some time to consider all your talents and create a resume that highlights these abilities.

We also recommend using your network and social media connections. Perhaps a friend of a friend knows of an employment opportunity for you or is aware of a suitable living arrangement.

Start Saving

We know you do not want to hear it, but we have to mention it. Before your Florida relocation, if possible, try to set aside some funds to have on hand once you move. It’s important to keep in mind there will be moving expenses, possible storage fees, and other unforeseen costs.

Accept a Temporary Position

A temporary position can help you get to know the market in Florida. It can help you to discover transferable skills or a career path you may not have even thought about before. If you are looking for a staffing agency, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.


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