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Grammar Offenses in the Workplace

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Grammar Offenses in the Workplace

There, their, they’re… it’s going to be alright!

This blog was inspired by some repeat grammar offenses in the workplace that our recruiters have encountered with both job seekers and colleagues. We guarantee you have come across similar articles, but we encourage you to give this one a read. It never hurts to have a reminder.

Please know that having good grammar does not mean you are more intelligent. However, when you are looking for a job or are communicating in the workplace, we consider it a best practice to be careful with spelling and language rules. You can be dressed professionally, but how you talk and write speaks volumes. Take a look!

Common Grammar Offenses We See as Recruiters

Definitely vs Definately

It is definitely not ‘definately’. We have witnessed plenty of qualified individuals who have made this spelling mistake repeatedly in written communication.

Regardless vs Irregardless

We hear this verbal blunder pretty frequently. It’s not ‘irregardless’, as that would be redundant. Regardless means ‘despite the prevailing circumstances’, so adding the ir-prefix makes it a double negative, which also makes it incorrect.

For all intents and purposes vs For all intensive purposes

It’s not ‘for all intensive purposes’. This mistake may have occurred in repetition, like when you play a game of “Telephone,” but regardless, it is wrong. Intensive means concentrated or rigorous, which doesn’t make sense if you are using that phrase.

Should have vs Should of

This is another one that probably came about because they sound the same in conversation. A lot of people say ‘should of’, ‘could of’ and ‘would of’, all of which are not correct.

Probably vs Prolly

We see this one written out and spoken a lot, especially with job seekers. ‘Prolly’ is not an abbreviation or shorthand for probably. We are not really sure how this one came about, but it should not be in your vocabulary.

Am not vs Ain’t

‘Ain’t’ is a very informal contraction of ‘am not’, and is generally frowned upon in a professional setting. The Random House Dictionary considers it to be improper grammar or slang. We would not suggest using this in the workplace.


Microsoft Word had a serious field day with us trying to write out all the incorrect grammar usage. It kept trying to correct us! Spell check is great, but not a good idea to rely on it. It won’t catch all spelling errors or spoken errors, so be very careful.

Are there any other misuses, slang, typos, or auto-corrects that irk you? We would love to hear your feedback!


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