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How to Treat the Sunday Night Blues – 6 Steps

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Sunday Night Blues

Are you singing the blues at the end of the weekend?

When it comes to Sunday evening, do you find yourself dreading work the next day? You are not alone. Even if you love your job, it’s natural to mourn the end of the weekend.

According to a recent poll conducted by Monster, 76% of Americans report having the Sunday night blues. This feeling, also referred to as the “Sunday Scaries”, is generally defined as depression over the fact that one night’s sleep stands between you and a new work week.

As one of the best staffing agencies in Florida, we weigh in on how you might be able to minimize the feelings of anxiety that come about on Sundays before work. Enjoy!

1. Stay in the Moment

Make a conscious effort to not think about the impending work week from the moment you wake up on Sunday morning. Spend some time with family or friends and try to keep your mind occupied. If you think too far ahead, you run the risk of ruining your whole day.

2. Be Careful with “Sunday Funday”

It can be very appealing to indulge in some Sunday drinking, but be careful with how much alcohol you consume. Having a few adult beverages may make you feel better temporarily, but ultimately it can prevent you from getting a full night’s sleep. As you know, it can also make waking up the next morning all the more unpleasant.

3. Get Organized for the Week

An old proverb says, “A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content”. While this saying may be cliché, it also holds true. The less you have to think about on Monday morning the better. Whether that means laying out your outfit for the next day, filling in your calendar, or checking emails. However, don’t spend too much time overthinking things.

4. Plan Something to Look Forward to on Monday

Having something to look forward to on Monday can help with the Sunday night blues. It doesn’t even have to be anything major. It could be a quick coffee break with a friend or colleague, a sweet treat at lunch, or a fun exercise class after work.

5. Deep Breathing Before Bed

If you mind is whirring as you prepare to fall asleep, some deep breathing exercises can be very helpful.

We know it’s hard, but try not to keep looking at the clock. Avoid counting down the hours until you have to wake up. Perhaps face your clock away from you or flip your phone over, so you are not tempted to take a peek.

6. Evaluate the Situation

Determine what is behind your Sunday night blues by asking yourself the following questions. Is it the job in general? Is it certain coworkers? Is it a particular project you are working on? Can any steps be taken to improve the situation? Will issues be resolved or should you begin looking for a new job?

It is probably best to think about these things another night of the week, so it does not keep you up while you are already experiencing the Sunday night blues. If you come to the conclusion that a new job is the answer, be sure to contact your favorite local staffing agency for assistance.


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