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Are You a Mom Looking to Go Back to Work?

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Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s BACK to work we go…Mom Looking to Go Back to Work

Nearly a third of women in the workforce take a break in their career at some point, usually to start a family. It can be quite difficult to go back to work after a period of staying home with your children. The job seeking process can seem overwhelming, especially if it has been a number of years.

According to the US Labor Department, 37% of moms work full time and 17% work part time, while 46% of moms with children under age three stay at home.

Are you a mom looking to go back to work? Do you just want stay busy and earn a little extra income? Are you looking to pick up where you left off in your last job or are you seeking to begin a brand-new career? Some employers may see you as a less than ideal candidate, but it is by no means impossible to get back into a fulfilling position in the industry of your choice.

As one of the top staffing agencies in Florida, here are some of our suggestions for a mom looking to go back to work. We hope you find them helpful!

Assess Your Abilities

First things first, we recommend taking into account all of your credentials. Update your resume, brush up on your computer skills, and go over your goals and interests. If you are a little rusty with the computer, check out this link for free training offered by Microsoft.

Get in Touch with your Network

It is important to get reconnected with the working world. Reach out to former colleagues, friends in the industry, and fellow moms who have gone back to work for their insights. Stay social online as well, since many opportunities can be found through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Use Your Mom Skills

As a mom looking to go back to work, motherhood can actually give you a leg up in the office. Childcare makes you an expert at juggling tasks and managing time. It also gives you stellar negotiating tactics. Have you ever tried bargaining with a toddler? This gives you effective terms to use on your resume, such as multitasker, expert negotiator, personal assistant, event planner, organizer, and coordinator.

Find a Flexible Company

Some companies are more “mom friendly” than others. Many employers are willing to work with you and your schedule if you are upfront with them. You just need to ask for what you want. Women are not the only ones looking for flexible work environments. Recent research indicates that two thirds of men consider flexibility important when looking for a new job.

Be Patient with Yourself

If you are a mom looking to go back to work, being patient with yourself may be the most important thing of all. Initially, you may have to start at a lower level position, making less money. However, know your worth and don’t undervalue yourself. Be confident, as it can be easy to doubt yourself in this situation.

Work with a Staffing Agency

Partnering with a staffing agency, like us, allows you to discuss your needs and possible concerns with one of our expert recruiters. Having someone to guide you in the process is comforting and we can help get you to work more quickly than if you are managing your job search alone.

For more helpful blogs and information regarding our employment agency, please visit the website. We enjoy connecting with our job seekers on social media as well, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you!

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