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No Call, No Show— No Good

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No Show

Have you ever not showed up to an interview without calling?

As a leading Florida staffing agency, we see an overwhelming number of candidates who do not show up for their scheduled interviews. We did a rough calculation and we determined approximately one in four of our candidates dismiss their appointments without contacting us. What happened to manners?

Some people assume that an interview with a staffing agency is not a real interview. However you should be just as respectful to your recruiter as you would with any other interviewer. Would you just not show up for an interview at a company where you are looking to be hired? Unlikely.

Common Courtesy

A simple phone call is all that is needed if you are not going to make it to an appointment. Even if it is fairly last minute, it is a common courtesy to at least touch base with your recruiter. Even if you have to make up an excuse it is better than being a no show. Otherwise, we are left scratching our heads wondering, ‘Did they get lost? Are they okay? Why did they bother to set an interview?”

Time Is Precious

Recruiters make appointments with the anticipation that candidates will show up. They mark off time on their busy calendars and do not schedule anything that conflicts with your appointment. You are also tying up a time-slot where another candidate could have come in and benefited from our staffing services.


One’s integrity is important. Recruiters can be your best advocate when it comes to finding you a job. If you leave a bad first impression you could tarnish your reputation. We want to market the “best you” to our clients in an effort to enhance your career. So, you’re going to want to impress us.

One More Chance

After a no call, no show some candidates will call back to reschedule (often many days later) and then again do not call or show up. At this point, we do not give them another chance. If you are not going to show up to an interview with us, how can we trust that you wouldn’t do this to one of our clients?

There are exceptions of course, family emergencies, illness, and the like, but otherwise there is simply no excuse to not call or show up. Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. How would you feel if someone stood you up?


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