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Not Unemployed, But Underemployed

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Are you reaching your full potential at work?

Since the economic downturn, more and more people are finding themselves underemployed. In fact, nearly half of American workers identify themselves as underemployed. Many people say their talents are undervalued, underappreciated, and underpaid by their employer or there is no room for growth at their current company.

There is a lot of unnoticed talent out there.

Are You Underemployed?

Our Sarasota Recruiter, Annamaria, has some insight when it comes to the types of job seekers that she sees on a regular basis. She identified that there are two kinds of people. There are those people who know they are underemployed, are comfortable in their role, and have essentially accepted that this is as good as it’s going to get. Then there are those people who are underemployed, but ambitious and always looking for the next best thing. She encourages you to ask yourself, which one are you? Do you want more?


Are You Frustrated?

If you’re overqualified and not fully utilizing your talents at work, it can be very frustrating. Many of us are not getting paid what we’re worth. Sometimes we settle for a position that’s not right for us, simply because we need a paycheck. Often we aren’t being given enough hours and are only working part time. Or we may end up in a field other than our degree. This frustration can start to show in the rest of our life, bringing feelings of shame, failure and hopelessness. It can lead to an overall lack of self-worth as well.

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What Can You Do?

If you are bored, un-engaged, and not sure how to market yourself to find new position, don’t get discouraged. Take the time to write down all of your skills and identify the ones you wish to use in your career. Narrow your ambitions and define your dream job. Look for work while at your current job, but be discreet. Keep learning and acquiring new skills, even if you’re not using them in the workplace.

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Partner With a Staffing Agency

A staffing agency, like us, can be a great resource for you if you find yourself underemployed or unemployed. Our expert recruiters can help you discover your passions through interviewing you face to face. We can help you tap into your natural abilities and identify transferable skills. We care about what you like to do and want you to be happy and fulfilled in your career. Helping you get back on track to find your true calling is our expertise.

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Enhance Your Current Job

If quitting or finding a new position is not an option or not what you want to do, you can take the initiative to ask your boss or supervisor for projects that allow you to showcase your abilities. Be patient, don’t give up, and always stay positive. If you are persistent, you will not be stuck underemployed forever.


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