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Pros & Cons of Contract Work

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Contract Work

Staffing agencies hire nearly 15 million temporary and contract workers every year. Usually a contract position, also known as a temporary job, lasts for a fixed period of time from around 3-6 months. Contract work is not to be confused with an independent contractor, who is self-employed. A contract employee works for a company, but is employed by a staffing agency.

Many job seekers think contract work is only for low paying, entry level jobs. Some see contract work as a last resort when no full time work is available. This is simply not true, as we hire for all types of positions, even C-Level jobs (i.e. CEO). Contract work can be a short term solution to unemployment (or underemployment), but it can also lead to a successful career.

As one of the top employment agencies, we review the pros and cons of contract work. We hope you find this information helpful.

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Contract work allows you and the employer to test each other out. It allows for more freedom and flexibility, since you are not tied to one company. It allows you to sample several employers in order to determine the best fit. It can be a wonderful option for those who have relocated to a new city and are interested in trying out the job market.

A contract position keeps things fresh and ever changing, so you won’t get bored easily. It can help you get your foot in the door, and often leads to full time employment. It’s a great way to gain experience in a particular field or industry, leaving room for professional growth and allowing you to expand your network to find future opportunities.

We have a long-term employee who loves contract work and will only accept these types of positions, since they work best for him and his lifestyle.


Contract work is not ideal for everyone. One of the major negatives of doing contract work is there are usually no benefits or vacation offered. The position, by nature, is less secure and stable. By working contractually, you may feel left out with permanent employees. You may be seen as an outsider and not feel part of the inner circle.

When you work under contract, it means you will likely be job seeking again in a few months (with our help, of course!), which many find unappealing. Additionally, if you have been working a number of contract positions, it may be more difficult to find a permanent position down the road.


If you keep an open mind during your job search in regards to contract work, you will be surprised by the opportunities that are available.


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