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Recruiters Are Not Just Sales People

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Recruiters Are Not Just Sales People

Our mission is success not sales!

There is a myth that recruiters are mainly focused on getting positions filled so that we can get paid. Of course, just like most organizations, we need to turn a profit to make a living, but recruiters are not just sales people.

As one of the top staffing agencies in Florida, we are passionate about finding the right fit between our job seekers and employers. Not only do we align our candidates’ skills and experience with our clients’ needs, but we take personalities and values into account as well. We want the match to work out well for all parties involved.


Employers can determine the terms of each hire with their recruiter. They choose temporary placement, temp to hire, direct hire, or they can payroll their candidate through our company for however long they need.

As part of our services, we make an effort to keep our employer companies educated and up-to-date with the latest market trends to ensure they are making the most informed hiring decisions possible.

Job Seekers

As stated above, recruiters are not just sales people but we are also not headhunters. We do not charge job seekers a fee for our staffing services. Employers pay us, but we do not take a cut from the employee’s salary. They are making the same salary regardless of whether or not their employer company uses a staffing service.

We coach our job seekers before an interview and provide them with constructive feedback afterwards. We offer congratulations when our candidates get an employment opportunity, even if it is not through our agency.


There is nothing we find more satisfying than when a hire works out perfectly on both ends. We love hearing positive feedback and knowing we helped a company in need while assisting a talented employee excel in their career.


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