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There is a Florida Job for Every Job Seeker

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Florida Job for Every Job Seeker

At HH Staffing Services, we strongly believe that there is a place of employment for everyone in this world. Through our experience as a staffing agency, we feel that there is a Florida job for every job seeker. Are we able to place everyone single person who walks through our doors? Not necessarily, but we try our very best and we are usually successful.

Over the past 27 years, we have had the pleasure of placing thousands of Florida candidates at all of levels in the workplace, from data entry and general labor positions to CEOs.

We Cannot Help Everyone, But We Try Our Best

We recently received a handwritten resume in a handmade envelope (pictured below), which is fairly uncommon. Usually we request that our candidates submit a Word document of their resume and ask that it be formatted as professionally as possible. However, this resume, scribbled on old dot matrix printer paper (where on earth did they find it?) really tugged at our heartstrings. This individual did not have very much experience, but they were so genuine and sincere, we decided to give them a chance. Fortunately for all parties involved, they proved to be a very hard worker and we were able to place them on a number of assignments. They were happy to be gainfully employed and we felt good for helping someone who may have been otherwise overlooked.

Whether you are looking for a high level, permanent position in Florida or a temporary general labor position, we have opportunities for you. So, do not be discouraged – a job is out there for you.

We would love to assist you with your Florida job search. Please check out our website for available positions at and also follow us on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter) where we post our daily hot jobs. We look forward to working with you and helping you find a career that suits your skills. Contact us today!


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