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Use a Staffing Agency to Tailor Your Career – 6 Benefits

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Tailor Your Career

Long past the question, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ you begin to think about what you really want to do as a career. So, how do you figure out what you want to do?


Employment agencies are a free resource for job seekers, whether they are looking for temporary work, temp-to-perm, or a direct hire position. By meeting with expert recruiters in the market, you can use a staffing agency to tailor your career.

There a number of things that working with an employment agency, like HH Staffing, can do for you. Here they are in no particular order. Enjoy!


1. Face-to-Face Preliminary Interview

We always meet our candidates face-to-face before placing them. We want to get to know our job seekers more in depth than what is on their resume. By opening up to our seasoned recruiters, you may discover traits about yourself that you did not recognize were valuable.

2. Consult and Market Your Resume

As hiring specialists, we are up on the latest job seeking trends. Our recruiters will show you how to organize your resume to make it more reader friendly. We know how to best market you and your resume to a diverse group of employers. We also have the ability to play up your strengths.

3. Assess Your Skills

Our staffing agency offers a broad variety of skill assessment tests to better gauge your strengths and weaknesses. It can also prove to our clients that you are proficient in certain areas before you are even placed with them.

4. Coach You Before & After Interviews

Your recruiter can be your biggest advocate when it comes to getting you a job. Consider them to be a mentor and take their advice into consideration. They know what their clients are looking for and they know the current market.

5. Learn Different Trades

When partnering with a temp agency it is possible to work a few short-term assignments that will add extra capabilities and knowledge to your resume. Once you are in the workforce gaining experience and proving yourself, it will be that much easier to find a job.

6. Try Various Industries

Get your feet wet in an industry of your choice with our staffing services. We specialize in office professional, accounting and finance, property management, and light industrial. See where your talents are best utilized and what tasks you enjoy. Do keep in mind that it is a job, and you may not like every single aspect.


You can tell us when a job doesn’t sound like your cup of tea or if it doesn’t work with your schedule. We are working for you. How nice is that? See more at our website or Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Happy Job Hunting!

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